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K9 Intuition's Founder and Head Trainer, Stefano Filippelli, is an Animal Behavior College graduate with a certification in dog training. What makes Stefano different than most trainers is the fact that he specializes in behavioral modification. Stefano has extensive experience in dealing with dogs most trainers refuse to work with. He focuses on healing dogs that are animal reactive, human aggressive, former fighting dogs,  fearful dogs and dogs that just need a little help to be more balanced. Stefano is a favorite choice of many Southern California dog rescues who need help with some of the difficult dogs they rescue. He uses trust, respect and a gentle hand to rebuild the dog's faith in humanity and with the help of his pack, trust in other dogs.


Stefano, like many other people, had an extremely difficult dog and struggled to deal with him daily. His dog, Astro, had become very reactive and developed a fixation of attacking other dogs. Astro's aggressiveness was pushing his family to the brink. After being given an ultimatum by his wife, he was forced to seek out help. He ended up reaching out to Jennifer Gray, Cesar Millan's Head Trainer at his Dog Psychology Center. With help from Jennifer  and Cesar and many hours of work on his part, they were able to rehabilitate Astro and turn him into a working demo dog for Stefano.  The experience of working with Astro inspired Stefano to go back to school and become a certified dog trainer through the Animal Behavior College. All of this opened up an opportunity to become an Assistant Instructor for Cesar and Jennifer at the Dog Psychology Center. Stefano now uses his training and experience he acquired while working there to rehabilitate other broken dogs.




Our Services


Dog Reactivity

Does your dog become a nightmare when he or she sees another dog? Does your dog have a bite record ? This is called dog reactivity and requires professional training to resolve this behavior.  Stefano teaches why your dogs are behaving the way they are, how you, as a pack-leader, need to be in order for your dogs to listen to you, and will teach your dogs that it is okay to trust other dogs again. He will bring his pack in and show your dogs what a balanced pack is like.

leash manners

Ask yourself this, when you walk your dog do you say, "I have to walk my dog, today" or "I want to walk my dog, today"? If you dread having to walk your dog because of pulling, jerking, stopping or just rude behavior then your dog needs to learn leash manners. Stefano will teach you simple leash techniques designed to make walking your dog peaceful and actually enjoyable.

In-home manners

When you walk into your home are you or your guests bombarded with out-of-control jumping, barking, nipping, or slobbering? Well, you have a dog in desperate need of distinct rules inside your home. Dogs, no different than children, are craving rules and boundaries and when given those two things will become the calm and balanced dog that you dream of.  Stefano loves giving people their homes back by teaching both dogs and their parents how dogs should be inside their homes.

human aggression

The toughest of all cases is human aggression. Despite popular belief, no dog or breed is inclined or bred to attack humans.  Most cases are based in fear and a lack of trust. Stefano will work closely with you in rehabilitating your dog so that they will trust you to protect them and no longer feel the need to protect themselves.

board and train

Board and Train is limited to rescue groups only.

Group classes

Interested in group classes where your dog will get to interact with other dogs? Or learning how to be off-leash around other dogs or maybe learn how to do off-leash pack walking? Stefano is  Jennifer Gray's Head Assistant Trainer  at Sunny Day Acres Training Facility.  They offer classes every Saturday and Sunday in Agua Dulce .



Dogs are our best teachers. But, it’s only when we stop, tune out the noise, and listen to them do we begin to learn.
— Stefano Filippelli





Santa Clarita in- home training

In-home training includes all areas of Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, and Castaic.  Lessons are done in your home or neighborhood and are a minimum of 1 hour.

*Does not include human aggression



human aggression

Human aggression cases are the most dangerous of behaviors to work through. Rates for that are a base rate of $250/hr. for local clients (within the greater Santa Clarita area).





san Fernando valley  visit

In-home training is completed in your home and your neighborhood. Areas covered are the greater San Fernando Valley, north of the 101.
*Does not include human aggression


human aggression

Human aggression cases are the most dangerous of behaviors to work through. These rates are for residents of the greater San Fernando Valley, north of the 101.




Greater L.A. Area and San Gabriel Valley

In-home training is completed in your home and your neighborhood. Areas covered are the greater Los Angeles area (south of the 101 in the Valley) and the San Gabriel Valley.

*Does not include human aggression



human aggression

Human aggression cases are the most dangerous of behaviors to work through. These rates are for residents of the greater Los Angeles area (south of the 101 in the valley) and San Gabriel Valley.


* Rescue rates differ than above. Please contact us for more information

* First time clients Payment required prior to visit

* 24 hour notice required for cancellation. 1/2 training fee is required if notice is less than 24 and full fee is required if notice is less than 12 hours




"Stefano came in and made what seemed impossible, possible! My dog was trying to kill my cats. He walked in and changed everything! I'm sitting here the day of his lesson with both of my fur babies calm and comfortable. I highly recommend him." -Mia Francovich

Customer Reviews


"My daughter got a female Pit from the shelter about a year ago. Yona is about 3 years old, very playful and loving. She is a sweet dog, but try to come into our house. Very different Yona .. and she has no manners. Stefano is amazing. His specialist training strategy has helped us with her. She is one very stubborn dog, but day in day out we are using the tools he has given us to help her/help us. Thank you so very much for all your help." - Beatrice Prewitt



"Stefano, what you were able to do to rehabilitate Rocco in one weekend, after a local person told us might take one year, is nothing short of amazing and we are forever grateful! Rocco, Jordan, and I learned a lot about ourselves as well as one another from the experience! Thank you for all that you, Jen, and your entire team do everyday to help the Roccos of this world as well as owners like us that mean well! " -Fred, Jordan, and Rocco



"If Yelp would let me give 10 stars, I would!  Stefano is truly amazing.  I've worked with many trainers over the years and no one compares to him.  He doesn't do a  "one size fits all" training approach. He analyzes each dog and each human to get the best results possible.  I'm confident I won't ever need another trainer after finishing my journey with Stefano. He's giving me all the tools and knowledge I need to succeed and understand dogs in a way I never thought was possible.  He's great with dogs AND humans, a quality that is hard to find in a trainer.  He really loves what he does and it shows. I'm pretty sure he is part dog. If you're having trouble or you think there is no hope for your dog, please contact him!  No case is too difficult for Stefano, just watch his story on Sonny/Kibo :)" - Candice and Rhino

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